"Who's tickling me now?"

     Said a flower in the sun.

"It's us," said the butterflies.

      We're having such fun."


“Who’s tickling me now

     With a crunchy crunch crunch?

“It’s me,” said the caterpillar.

     “I’m having my lunch."


“Who’s tickling me now?”

      Cried the flower yet again.

“It’s me,” said the bee,

    “Sheltering out of the rain.”


“Who’s tickling me now?

     This is REALLY absurd!”

“It’s me,” called a voice,

    “I’m a small ladybird.”


“Whose tickling me now?"

     And she gave a big sigh!

“I'm SO sorry I tickled you,"

     Called out a fly.


Then along came a girl

     And picked this sweet bloom.

Now, no crawlies are tickling!

      She’s in this girl’s room.


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Who's Tickling Me Now - Heading




By Josie Whitehead

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