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A centipede went to a shop

    To buy a set of shoes.

The salesman showed him many pairs

     But which ones did he choose?


“Wellingtons?"  "I don’t think so.

     My legs are very short.”

"Football boots?"   "Not suitable!

     I don’t play any sport.”


 “Trainers?"  "Would they make me move

       Along at a fast pace?

  I’m sure you know that centipedes

       Especially like to race.”


The salesmen brought a lovely range

      Of shoes of every kind.

The centipede was quite confused

     With so much on his mind.


He thought of all occasions and

    What shoes would go with what.

He wanted shoes for when it rained

    And for days when it was hot.


You’d find it hard to choose some shoes

     To fit a hundred feet –

Shoes which matched, were practical,

    But also looked quite sweet.


To help him choose, he used his phone

    To give his Mum a call.

She said “I think what you should do

    Is to buy them one and all.”


Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

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