Which little minibeast

     Says: ‘buzz buzz buzz?'

He's a striped little body

  Which is covered all in fuzz.


He flies around your garden

     And he lands upon your flowers,

But then he quickly disappears

     Whenever there are showers.


Which little minibeast

    Has brightly coloured wings?

It sleeps through the winter months

     But comes again in spring.


It flutters round the garden plants,

    Enjoying lots of fun,

Collecting nectar from your flowers;

      And flying in the sun.


Which little minibeast

    Has red wings with spots?

And does it eat the greenfly up?  

     It does, yes, lots and lots.


It’s a really friendly creature, though,

    That tries not to offend,

And the insects who eat nuisance bugs

    Are bound to be one's friend.


Which little minibeast

      Is drawn towards the light?

It’s rather like a butterfly

    But comes alive at night.


Please help him to go out again

    Into the dark night sky,

Where, happy to be free again,

     He’ll wave a fond ‘bye bye.’


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