Rabbit prints

. . . and rabbit prints in the snow


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The visitors to our garden come

    In their twos and threes.

The ducks tap on our window panes

    And birds sit in our trees.


The moorhens, squirrels, pigeon too;

    The blackbirds, robins, wrens:

They disappear when night arrives

    But next day come again.


In springtime they're accompanied

     With young, just newly born,

And they expect, of course, to find

     Some breakfast every morn.


Young squirrels play quite happily,

    Chasing round and round.

They proudly show their skill with pride

    As up the trees they bound.


So, who comes to your garden then?

    You ought to make a list.

It's good to share the things we have

    With the others in our midst.


Copyright on all my poems


This was one of  almost 400 of my poems, chosen by

teachers and children in many schools for publication

in 2010.  I hope you like it too.  Josie.

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