In Beastington a family lived

    Who made a ‘Beasts-Are-You’.

It was a section of a garden –

    Well, a minibeastie zoo.


The little creatures all moved in

    And crawled around the wall.

The special name they gave their home

    Was Minibeastie Hall.


'Let’s throw a welcome party,

    If the family gives consent.

We’ll plan a meal, arrange some games -

    Get invitations sent.'


News got around, the day arrived

    And many guests came too.

'Ooh it’s such a splendid place to live -

    Exactly like a zoo.'


A ladybird, a grasshopper

    And slugs and worms came too.

It was such a grand occasion

    And the party grew and grew.


One brought his own computer –

    A spider known as Fred.

'I’ve had a useful thought,' he said.

    Come and surf my web.

'A computer’s such an asset

    For your lovely little park.

I’ll teach you how to crawl the web,

    But wait until it’s dark.


'I don’t want you to bug it

    Or introduce a worm.

I’ll only teach you one by one,

    So wait and take your turn.'


So, one by one they entered:

    'Oh what can we achieve?' –

But a tragic thing then happened

    For no-one seemed to leave.


Minibeastie Hall went quiet.

    There was no one on the wall –

Which was really not surprising -

    Fred had eaten one and all!


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By Josie Whitehead

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*Published in 'The Anthology (AMS Educational Publishers Ltd, 2010.  It was one of almost 400 poems chosen by teachers and children all across West Yorkshire.  In our library but sadly no longer in print.  Enjoy this poem on here.  Josie