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Two mosquitoes sat by a warm, sultry pool

    And blood was their subject, of course.

One said: “On the whole, I prefer human blood

     To that of a cow or a horse.”


The other one said: “But humans are mean

     And seem most reluctant to share.

Considering the amount that each of them has,

     I think this seems rather unfair.”


His friend then replied: “Royal blood is the best -

     It’s well know that it’s sweet to the taste -

But the Queen had a servant who spotted me first

     And I hurried away in great haste.”


“Ah, yes, that’s the problem” the other one said:

     “Too many eyes and all that.

The other main problem - well that’s what I find -

      Is she wears on her head a posh hat.”


“You hide on the brim and then strike at great speed.

      Take things slowly and try not to rush.

My dear Aunty Ethel once tried that assault

      But she died in a bit of a crush.”


“Oooh look,” they both cried: “Some swimmers are here.

      So we both have our lunch for today.”

But the swimmers had sprayed with repellent and so

    The mosquitoes soon went on their way.



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