Who deemed that we should all be plagued

    By an insect known as 'fly'.

For when one moves into your home,

    Catch it?  Just you try!


You’ll see it zoom fast past your face.

    You might see where it lands,

But then try to catch it if you can.

    It moves faster than your hands.


It lands upon your window pane,

    And seems to be asleep,

So, silently, and with great stealth,

    Across the room you creep.


Fly’s lucky, when he’s in my home.

    I do not wish him harm.

With my insect-catcher in my hand,

     I try not to alarm.


But no!  He watches carefully

    Then quickly disappears

And thinks a good place now to land

    Is on my poor dog’s ear.


He furtively moves down her face,

    As she quietly takes her nap,

But fly has made a big mistake

     For a dog can quickly SNAP.


I’m glad to see that fly has gone,

    Though eaten by my friend,

And the teasing games that he has played

    Have now come to their end.


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By Josie Whitehead 

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