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By Josie Whitehead

*Piggy  = resembling a pig (but in a bad way).  Here I mean "greedy" - although I'm not quite sure if pigs are any more greedy than any other animal.  I've seen dogs scoff their food quickly and eat more than is good for them - - - and, yes, sometimes children too. Oh dear!!!  


Why did I choose the word "piggy" instead of "greedy".  Well, poets like to use alliteration in the headings of their poems, and that is choose two words that start with the same letter.  Try writing some headings like this yourself.


Busy bees, lazy lizard, Penelope Pickle, Batting and Bowling; Benjamin Bear; Pipped at the Post; Talking Taste; Minibeast Miracles;  Diddledy Daddledy My Little Duck ; Mr Minute ; The Taste-Taker; The Smell Snatcher etc etc  Look through my poems for more good examples.

The pelican's a piggish bird

    Whose throat pouch is gigantic.

He, and his friends, circle the seas -

    Especially the Atlantic.


They dive down from the sky above,

   Scoop fishes by the score -

But after eating all these fish

   They dive again for more.


Sometimes, united with their friends,

   They'll drive fish in a bunch -

And then the greedy pelicans

    Tuck into a good lunch.


A pelican eats many things

    That fits into his bill -

So watch out anything that's small -

    You could be his next kill.


Without a set of good sharp teeth,

   It swallows victims whole:

It could be your Chihuahua dog -

    Or else a tasty mole.


Perhaps you've seen the pelican -

   Oh, he really is absurd.

With outstretched wings and massive bill,

     He is the weirdest bird.


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