Funny Poems 2 Bird Poems

Although Eril was an ostrich,

    He had a tiny brain.

He lived inside a bird sanctuary

    In the northern part of Spain.


He thought he was superior

    To other parkland birds,

But the parrots were all rude to him

    And called out naughty words.


Now Eril didn't heed their words

    And strutted round with pride

And when his keepers came for him

    He’d run away and hide.


Then he’d chase the keepers all around

    On his mighty muscled legs

And rudely grab and throw at them

    A rotten ostrich egg.


'I’m the fastest bird on earth!' he cried.

    'No one can beat me there!'

And then he'd run, with head held high,

     With very little care.


'We’ll see if this is true or not,'

     The other birds all said.

'Tomorrow we will have a race

     And we’ll be far ahead.'


The morning sun shone in the sky,

    The birds were on their line

And everyone arrived on time

    Before the hour of nine.


At nine o’clock, right on the dot,

    The starting flag went down,

And birds of different sizes flew

    And circled round the town.


But Eril, in his foolish pride,

    Forgot he couldn't fly.

He watched the other birds soar up

    And circle round the sky.


At ten past nine the first returned

    And passed the winning post,

But, as Eril hadn’t left the park,

    He couldn’t really boast.


'It isn’t fair!' Eril complained:

    'You never mentioned 'fly'.

My legs are big, my speed is great

    But I can’t get in the sky.'


The other birds all laughed with glee:

    'You thought that you were king!

But for all those muscles in your legs,

    You’ve bloomin’ useless wings.'


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