THE ONE TO FEAR - Minibeast Poems for Children


By Josie Whitehead

Beware the lurking scorpion

    With poison in its tail.

He’ll strike at you in self-defence,

    And catch you without fail.


Beware this most unwelcome guest –

    He doesn’t want to play,

And if you hear his warning hiss,

    Then quickly move away.


Beware this menacing minibeast.

    Who could hide just anywhere,

But will especially love your attics,

    Or dark cupboards under stairs.


They love to hide in folded clothes,

    But what do scorpions eat?

Oh it’s the other insects, usually,

    That to scorpions taste sweet.


So when your mother says to you:

    'Come on, let’s clean your room.'

The scorpion will scuttle off;

    He fears water and your broom.


With nowhere safe for him to hide,

    And no insects for his meal,

A hungry life, a homeless life,

    For him does not appeal!


Copyright on all my poems


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