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The owl comes to life under cover of night,

And with large eyes like his, he has excellent sight.

     Unlike other birds, with small eyes at the side,

     His eyes, at the front, are displayed with great pride.


His velvet-fringed feathers absorb sounds of flight

As he silently pounces on victims at night.

    A carnivorous creature, he seeks out his prey:

    Those who may also sleep tight in the day.


This clandestine killer uses cunning and guile.

In dusky, dark shadows, he pauses awhile -

    But look out you mice if you squabble or flounce -

    This predator’s waiting and ready to pounce.


Flying low over fields, his quartering techniques

Are to spot, with sharp eyes, the prey that he seeks:

     Rodents and insects, frogs or small birds -

     This master marauder is never deterred!


With his longish, sharp talons, he swoops from on high

But it’s too late for his victim to flee or to fly!

     In his way he’s like us for we, too, like our meat

     But whilst he has to hunt, we buy what we eat.


So, should you wake up during hours of night,

Lie quietly and listen.  If you’re lucky you might

     Hear this nocturnal prince with his soft twit-twoo.

     On the wings of the night, his call will reach you.


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By Josie Whitehead

New Dawn Heading

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Nocturnal:  Of the night.

Clandestine: Done secretly.  The owl, in the dark, and with silent wings can't be detected by its prey.

Guile: Sly or secretiveness.

Flounce: (No object, with adverbial of direction): Go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner.  'He stood up in a fury and flounced out angrily!'

Marauder:  One who goes about in search of things to steal or people to attack.  In his case - small mammals.

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