Funny Poems 2

Illustrated by Ron Chin

Copyright Heading

A turtle called Myrtle was crossing the road

    In a state of severe trepidation,

She wanted some petrol to fill up her tank

    And had spotted, of course, the Shell Station.


A lion called Brian was roaring with pain.

    “Get the doctor” he called to his mummy.

"I ate a comedian for dinner last night,

    And now my poor tummy feels funny."


The monkeys are planning a party tonight.

    They’ve invited a few local bookies.

As well as the sandwiches, crisps and the pop,

    They’ve ordered some chocolate chimp cookies.


A pony called Tony had an awful sore throat,

     It was painful and hurt him of course.

The vet sat him down and said “How do you feel?”

    “I’m feeling a little bit hoarse.”


A poor little frog sat and cried by a stream

    With a face that was red as a poppy.

“And why are you crying my poor little friend?”

     “I’m feeling so very unhoppy.”


And this is the end of these jokes for today

   I hope you have found them amusing.

You may have worked hard to fathom them out

    Perhaps they were very confusing!

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