mr worm v4


By Josie Whitehead

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Illustration by Rachel Eppy

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Mr Worm lives his life

    Deep underneath the ground;

He’s smooth and he’s slippery

    And he doesn’t make a sound.


He’s a friendly little fellow

    Who enjoys a quiet life.

He doesn’t want a family

    And he doesn’t want a wife.


If you’re digging in your garden,

    Then you could disturb his rest,

And you’ll see him on the surface

    Looking very sadly stressed


For he knows someone is watching

    From high up in the tree.

It’s the blackbird or the robin

    And they like a worm for tea.


So make a hole and put him back

    And cover him with soil

And let him dig his tunnels

    And perform his other toil.


He’ll chew the leaves and other things

    That lie upon the ground

And Mr Worm can quietly live

    His life without a sound.


Copyright on all my poems


*Published in 2010


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See the children of Crossover School, Ghana perform Mr Worm wearing African costume and with African drums: