Funny Poems 2

The sun shone above in a clear cloudless sky.

Not even the tiniest cloud floated by.

     You’d think that today everything would go right

     But for Johnny, the farmer, he’d trouble in sight.


The gate to his field had been left open wide

And Baa Baa his sheep was for sure not inside.

     The farmer was worried and looked high and low

      And couldn’t imagine where Baa Baa would go.


He went down the lane and he looked left and right

But his Baa Baa by now had gone far out of sight.

    So he put up a notice, as farmers might do:

   'Please come back dear Baa Baa!  We’re so missing Ewe.'


Copyright on all my poems


Pun:  A play on words: ewe/you;

eg:  I've been to the dentist many times so I know the drill.

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