A fly can walk upon a wall

     And never tumble down.

Small tadpoles never learn to swim,

     Yet never ever drown.


Up on the ceiling of the room

    A spider walks along

And, unlike me, can make a web

    That’s oh so very strong.


The butterfly has pretty wings:

    She’s lucky - she can fly -

But I know I can’t do these things

    And never really try.


The bee lands on a nice red rose.

    That’s something you can’t do.

Well, would you like to be like them

     Or be a child, like you?


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No, this minibeast poem and many others didn't go into the five books published in 2010. They weren't written then.  I think I shall have to stop writing poems and find a new hobby now as I didn't realize I'd written so many.  I do hope your children like this poem.


Your children might like to discuss what THEY can do but perhaps a minibeast, an animal or bird cannot do by listening to and reading this poem:  I'm Happy I'm Human - Josie