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Like a flash of lightning across your room,

Freddy the fly says: “Watch me zoom!”

    “I move at speed - you’ll never catch me -

     I’m as fast as a rocket,   You watch and see.”


“I’m Sammy the snail and I travel slow -

A slither, a slide, a stop and a go.

    A chew on a leaf, a glance at the sun.

    A life as a snail -  oh isn’t it fun?”


“I’m Bella the butterfly, busy and bright.

I flitter, I flutter and fly in the light.

    I land on a flower on my dainty small feet

    And children all smile and say I’m sweet.”


“I’m Willie the Worm and I live underground.

I tunnel all day and I don’t make a sound.

    I chew up the leaves and all day I toil

    To give to you humans the very best soil.”


“I’m Buzzy the bee, working all of the day.

There’s no rest for me, and no time to play.

      I’m gathering nectar and I’ve so much to do -

      And some of my honey will be coming to you.”


“I’m Susie the spider and here’s what I’ve done -

See my beautiful web?  Yes that’s what I’ve spun.

    And look what I’ve caught - a tasty black fly.

    Now it’s lunchtime for me, so I’ll wish you bye bye."


It’s time for the minibeasts to say their goodbyes

As they pollinate flowers or whizz through the skies.

    They work in our world by night and by day,

    Don’t kill them or hurt them, or drive them away.


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By Josie Whitehead

Mr Worm The Song of the Ant Sammy the snail Freddy the Fly Susie the Spider