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Look out you guys, for I’m looking for food.

Move aside, spiders.  Don’t think I’m rude.

   Look! Crumbs on the floor – work surfaces too.

   Get out of my way!  They’re for me, not for you!


Ah here come my buddies.  Let’s make it a party.

Oh, welcome my friends.  Eat up and be hearty.

    There are dishes left too with remains of a meal,

    And it’s all for the taking.  How’s that for a deal?


The humans have gone so we’re safe in the dark.

Mmmm!  Leftover pudding!  Come, let us embark.

    This family’s too kind.  They care for us well.

    Oooh!  Look over here!  Come, follow this smell.


It’s the remains of their dinner.  Can I manage more?

Oh no! What’s that sound and light under the door?

    Look out!  Humans coming!  They’re onto our trail.

    Ouch!  Bang and a swat!  That’s the end of my tale.


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