Background Heading

Once there was a little duck,

   Unlike any other,

For she didn’t have a mother duck,

   Nor a sister or a brother.


Miss Popkins was an orphan duck -

      Not like you or me -

And, without her Mum to care for her,  

     It was hard, you must agree.          


But Popkins had a special friend

   And Josie was her name.

She learnt a trick that helped a lot.

    You’d say it was a game.


When Popkins was a baby duck,

   The other ducks were rough.

They’d trample on her in their haste.

     Her baby life was tough.


But Popkins learnt to wait and hide

   Until the rest had gone,

And, when the others went back home,

     I’d call to her: “Come on!”


Then out she’d pop from where she was,

   Well hidden from the rest,

And Miss Popkins ate all by herself -

     Which suited Popkins best!


Each day the sun rose in the sky

     Each night the moon came out,

And Popkins slowly grew and grew,

    Of that there was no doubt.


Her fluffy feathers disappeared,

    Her adult plumage grew

And then one day, upon her wings,

    Came flight feathers of blue.  


She then knew that the day was near

   When she could fly away,

And Popkins exercised her wings

   Which strengthened every day.


She stayed close by the other ducks

   Who taught her many things,

And following, when she saw them fly,

    She tried her strong duck wings.


Up and around her lake she flew -

    And quacked with sheer delight.

How strange to be a duck and see

    Your world from such a height.


Her friends landed upon their lake

    And so did Popkins too.

How glad she was to know that she

     Could also do this too.


Miss Popkins now is quite grown up

    And she's loved by me, it’s true -

And she sends a quack and hopes, one day,

    That she’ll meet some of you.


Copyright on all my poems


Miss Popkins is standing on tip-toe because she's concentrating on the bread in my hand.  She quickly learnt that you take any hard bread and dip it into water to make it soft.  I taught her that little trick and she's a quick learner.


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