Who loves to buzz around at night?

Which one can tease when out of sight?

    Whose tiny feet tickle your skin?

    Whose antics sometimes make you grin?


Who loves to fly from flower to flower,

And who seeks greenfly to devour?

    Whose beady eyes watch as we play

    And who work hard through the day?


Who tunnels underneath the ground?

He’s slippery, slimy, makes no sound.

    Who loves the smell of mother’s jam?

    And which one likes to land on ham?


Whose cousin is perhaps a crab?

Whose shell is hard, whose colour’s drab?

    Who visits flowers in summer’s heat

    To make us something rather sweet?


Who hovers near the water’s edge?

And who’s that on my window ledge?

    Who flutters round my house at night

    Attracted by my shining light?


Small insects share this world of ours,

Enjoy our plants, our trees and flowers.

    You write a list of those you know.

    My poem’s finished!  Off I go!!



Copyright on all my poems


Little Beasties - Heading



By Josie Whitehead

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