By Josie Whitehead

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A limerick is something you eat

It’s round, and it’s ever so sweet.

    They’re quite easy to make

    And taste something like cake -

Or you may prefer mine, for a treat!


A limerick’s not easy to chew.

I expect this is something you knew.

    Your teeth will fall out

    There isn’t a doubt

And, tell me, what then will you do?


A limerick can’t increase wealth,

Though I’m told they are good for your health -

     But - they’re dangerous too

     So, whatever you do,

Approach them with caution and stealth.


You’ll find things I write are not true

Though I write them especially for you -

        I hope Edward Lear

        Will not now appear -

Oooh a ghost?  Well now what shall I do?



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