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Lie-Abed Johnny scowls at the sun

    For he sleeps through the day and the night.

The thought that at 7 he might have to get up

    Fills Lie-Abed Johhny with fright.


His Mum brings his breakfast and a nice cup of tea.

    His Dad brings him lunch middle-day:

But, when asked if he might like to get up at all,

    He says that in bed he will stay.


They called in the doctor but here's what he said:

     'For certain there's only one cure:

A day of hard work is what I recommend.

    That remedy's best, I am sure.'


But Lie-Abed Johnny just shut up his eyes:

     'I don't want to hear that,' he said,

And Mummy and Daddy, quite sorry for him,

    Tucked their lazy young son into bed.


Lie-Abed Johnny might open his eyes,

    But then he drifts back to his sleep

And, quite unlike me, who just cannot nod off,

    I'm sure Johnny never counts sheep.


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