Lenguin the penguin looked up and he said:

"How I wish I could fly like the birds overhead.

    If I only could sit in the tall trees and see

    The world as it passes below under me."


The birds overhead looked below at the sand:

"Oh surely a life in the sea would be grand!

    Lenguin waddles along from his nest to the sea;

    Then dives off on adventures so happy and free."


But Lenguin felt sad and he started to sigh:

“Oh our world must look lovely from high in the sky.

    To gaze on the world from above is my wish,

    Not just gliding and diving to catch boring fish."


Although penguins have wings, they can’t really fly;

They awkwardly waddle on land where it’s dry.

    In the water they plummet and swim very fast

    To catch their fish meals as the fishes swim past.


Penguins keep warm in all winds and all weathers

By layers of blubber and warm cosy feathers.

    Their wings and their feet help them zoom along fast,

    Whilst they bring home the fish for their families at last.


In our world we have birds for both sea and the sky.

There are birds that show off, whilst others are shy.

    Some live in warm places and some where it’s cold

    But all birds in our world are so nice to behold.


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