Bird Poems

With kingly pride, beak opened wide,

    His clarion call is clear,

And, as the night turns into day,

     He wakes those far and near.


Far from the world of sleeping man,

     His cock-a-doodle-doo

Is carried through the morning mist

     To waken me and you.


King of the Roost, most splendid bird,

    Attired in feathers bright:

You wear a crown fit for a king

    And are an awesome sight.


You guard your harem vigorously

    From males who venture near

And display those razzle dazzle plumes

     Within your regal sphere.


I feel a sadness that most folk

     First meet you on a plate.

That, surely for King of the Roost,

      Must be a cruel fate.



Copyright on all my poems

and on Anita's illustration

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