Funny Poems 2

Look!  It’s raining cats and dogs

And it’s even raining frogs.

      Puppies and kittens

      Fly all over Britain -

And so do the toads and the frogs.


There’s a cow high up in the sky,

And we’re told that pigs might fly.

      Oh mind!  Duck your head

      And watch where you tread

When the piggies are up in the sky.


Can animals fly in the sky?

Well one animal really can fly,

     For a bat’s not a bird,

     But a reindeer?  Absurd!

But most of them really don’t try.


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You probably won't be surprised that this poem, with its fun rhythm, was chosen for publication by hundreds of teachers and children.  It was published in 2010 but unfortunately now the books are not available.  I hope it will be published again, but meantime, enjoy it.  Josie