By Josie Whitehead

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“Boo” said a cheeky ghost,

    Playing scary games.

“I said BOO!” again he shouted.

    No-one listened.  What a shame!


“BOO!” screamed the ghost again

    As he really tried to scare –

But the cat and dog just shut their eyes

    And didn’t seem to care.


The unhappy ghost began to sob:

    “Is no one frightened here?”

The mice, the toad and spider said:

    “You’ll not cause us to fear!"


The spider said: "Watch and learn.

    I’ll teach you how to scare.”

He quickly ran across the floor

    And crawled right up a chair.


A frightened lady spotted him.

    She screamed and ran away.

“So that is all you need to do.

    Now run away and play."


Copyright on all my poems


* This poem was published in 2010, one of almost 400 of my poems in 5 books.  The poems were chosen by teachers and children in many schools across West Yorkshire and published by AMS Educational Ltd.  It is out of print at the moment, but I hope your children enjoy it here with many other of my poems.  Josie