Background If You Were But - Heading



By Josie Whitehead

If you were but a fly or ant,

    A snail or little bee,

When looking through your insect eyes

    What do you think you’d see?


We’re giants in their tiny world,

    Our voices loud and shrill.

Our human feet to them would seem

    As huge as any hill.


Some animals to us are small,

     But insects think they’re big.

How do you even think a fly

   Would view a cat or pig?


A bee would like the flowers we grow,

    Whilst snails enjoy our plants.

The wasp loves eating strawberry jam,

    And what about the ants?


They’re working hard by day and night -

    It’s a busy life for ants -

But small or not, you’ll know they’re there,

     If they get inside your pants.


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