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How very strange if pigs could fly!

The price of bacon would go sky-high.

    You’d have to leap to catch a chop,

    Not buy one from a butcher’s shop.


Pigs don't have wings.  How can they fly?

How could big pigs get in the sky?

     We human beings used our brains

     And we invented aeroplanes.


Pigs would fly in piggy-jets

With piggy-passports, don't forget!

    They’d sit in seats and order drinks.

    How very odd, I’m sure you’ll think.


If pigs could jet off to the sun,

They'd do as we and have some fun.

    They'd find a beach and there they’d swim

    And then rub sun cream on their skin.


For breakfast they'd eat eggs and toast.

What drink do you think pigs like most?

    Yes, what a world, if pigs could fly! -

    And with that thought I’ll say goodbye.


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This poem was chosen by teachers and children in West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  (Josie's Poems - Funny Poems)

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