By Josie Whitehead

What do you like for breakfast?

    What do you like the most?

For breakfast every poet likes

    Some tasty words on toast.


Words are appetizing -

    More delicious than a roast -

But heat them up, add lots of herbs

    And eat them with some toast.


I’ll bet you’ve never tasted them -

    Not even when they’re warmed.

Cold words are dry and tasteless things;

    Well that’s what I’m informed.


Try beating them, then heating them,

    Then put them through the blender,

And long slow cooking overnight

    Will help to keep them tender.


Try twirling them and whirling them,

    Then toss them in the air.

Catch and season those you like,

     But handle them with care.


We poets have to catch our words,

    And that’s the hardest part,

So whilst I’m off to fish for mine,

     You can make a start.


Copyright on all my poems


Many of my poems are on the Times Educational Teachers' Resources Website.  The Taste Taker is amongst the most popular.  Why not try it with your children.  Also:  The Smell Snatcher, though not quite so popular.  Josie

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