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Three differences between a crocodile and an alligator are . . . .

1     You can see a crocodile's teeth when its mouth is shut but not an alligator's.

2    An alligator has a large broad snout, but a crocodile's  snout is thinner.   - - - - - (But they both like human burgers though!!)

3   A crocodile is greyish-green in colour and an alligator is black.  

A crocodile sat and thought:

    “I do not think it’s fair.

I watch my ‘menu’ pass me by;

    It’s chosen with such care!”


“I like to see fat boys and girls

    And then I think of dinner -

But my keepers do not feed me them.

    That’s why I’m getting thinner.”


“Oooh!  A grilled boy in a child-burger

     Or a fried girl on some toast,

But a human leg with apple sauce

     Is what I’d like the most. - Mmmm”


“A little thought comes to my mind:

    'What shall I eat today?'

But I am brought some rats or fish.

     While the best food’s sent away."


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