Would you hug a bug or kiss a slug

     To show it your devotion?

Do you agree that little fleas

     Can cause you some emotion?


Mosquitoes?  Here’s a friendly one,

      So, let it bite your toe.

It only wants to suck your blood -

    I guess you really know.


A tarantula? Do you like them?

     Oh come, don’t be afraid.

This cockroach only wants to share

     Your cake and lemonade.


A scorpion then?  No don’t run off -

    He’s come to taste your toes.

Now look, you’ve hurt his feelings

     And see! It really shows!


So, minibeasts are out it seems.

    Now what else can I find?

Perhaps a friendly rattlesnake.

    Did you have that in mind?


Well, perhaps a lion or tiger then?

    You’re really hard to please - - - but

You know I only wrote this poem

     Because I like to – t e a s e !


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Children enjoyed this poem so much that they voted for it to be included, along with almost 400 other poems in my "Josie's Poems: Funny Poems" which was published by AMS Educational Ltd, Leeds in 2010.  Sadly it is out of publication right now, but you can, of course enjoy it on my website.  Josie



By Josie Whitehead

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