Background Heading

There were ten little sparrows

    Inside a shady hedge

But one remembered tasty crumbs

    Upon a window ledge:


“Yes” thought that little bird:

    “Those will suit me fine,”

And off he flew to find the crumbs

    So that left only - - - - NINE


NINE noisy house sparrows

    Were chattering in the sun

But one took off across the field

    To have a bit of fun.


He watched the farmer working hard

    Whilst he sat on his gate.

So how many stayed in that hedge?

    That’s right, exactly  - - - EIGHT.


EIGHT sparrows loudly chirped,

    With lots to talk about,

But two boys passing by their hedge

  Began to loudly shout:


“Oh dear” exclaimed one tiny bird:

    “Well I’m off right away”

So how many stayed behind

    When he had flown away? - - - - SEVEN


Seven sparrows in the hedge,

    And all had gone to sleep,

But they hadn’t slept for very long

    When they heard beep, beep, beep!


A lorry stopped beside their hedge.

    Some men unloaded bricks.

One sparrow quickly flew away,

    So that left only  - - - - SIX.


Six sparrows chattering,

    And what a noise they made,

But a shadow passed across their hedge

    And they became afraid.


A sparrow hawk was overhead,

    And sparrows they will kill,

So the hedge went strangely silent,

    And also very still.


If you should walk along the road,

    And hear a chattering sound,

I think that you will surely know

    That sparrows are around.


Hedgerows are important homes

    To these cheeky little clowns,

But many lose their habitat

    When humans cut them down.








RSPB: Don't cut hedges April to August
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