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Illustrated by Jonathan Evans

What will they do

There was a young woman from Rangley Bottom

But what was her name for I’ve quite forgotten?  

   But now that I think, I remember it too,

   For the name of the lady’s Miss Tinkley Poo.


She married a man from Piddledy Pong

For her father said: “You can’t go wrong  

   If you marry a man with a dog called Welly,  

   And the name of his owner’s De Stinkly Smelly.”


In Piddledy Pong live the couple of Smellies

Who dine on chips and dishfuls of jelly.    

    If they have any children, what will they do    

    With a house full of Smellies and a Tinkley Poo?


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Whenever I do a skype visit, and yes, in many parts of the world, children always tell me that this is their favourite poem.  It was also one of hundreds of my poems which was chosen for publication in 2010 by AMS Educational Ltd - but you and your children can enjoy it, and have a giggle, here.  Josie