Black and White

Well hello Sammy Spider.

   I see you’re in my bath.

Shouldn’t you be outdoors

   Running on the path?


Shouldn’t you be making webs

   To catch a little fly?

Oh, you’ve fallen in my bath tub

   And I don’t want you to cry.


Well, hello Sammy Spider.

   Yes, you’re looking up at me.

Let me get you out of there

   And then you can run free.


There you go, poor Sammy.

   Be careful how you go.

Now run out in the garden

   To where the flowers grow.



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Heading Josie's Voice Recording

Illustration by Rosemary Shojaie MA

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In 2010 AMS Educational Publishers, Leeds, published this poem along with almost 400 others.  Children and teachers across my region of West Yorkshire obviously liked it, and I hope you do too.  Josie