Which insect do you think you’d be

    If your voice came through your wing?

Who carefully listens through his leg

    And whose legs help him sing?


Which minibeast can leap up high

    And catapult through space?

And which one has five sets of eyes,

    But no nose on its face?


Which minibeast’s a herbivore,

    And lives out in the field?

Its colour matches its surround.

    It's very well concealed.


Well how about the grasshopper?

    I think you might have guessed.

He’s welcome to our countryside

    But in gardens he’s a pest.


He’ll munch away at grass and leaves

    Quite happily all day,

But, if he eats your vegetables,

    He’ll soon be sent away.


There are eighteen thousand different types

     Of grasshopper you know!

Now, whilst you find out other facts,

     It’s time for me to go.


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