My Granny’s stew is smashing,

    Which means it’s rather nice:

It’s made especially yummy

    When she adds some rats or mice.


‘Throw in some carrots,’ Granny calls

    And in they go, unwashed –

Then lots and lots of slugs and snails:

   They’re better when they’re squashed.


‘Turn up the gas,’ our Granny cries –

    And so we turn the switch –

And someone then suggests something

   That surely will enrich:


Some rubbish from the compost heap,

    Will surely make it tasty –

But add it slowly, piece by piece:

    Take care, don’t be too hasty.


The cooking takes a long, long time:

    How is your appetite?

Well here we are, delicious stew -

    Come on!  Take your first bite!


Our Granny’s stew was really good:

     It slipped down to my tummy –

And we agreed – yes, one and all –

     There’s nothing quite as yummy!


Copyright on all my poems 


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