‘Give us a buzz,’ said the lady Queen Bee

‘If you want any honey - especially for tea.

    Our honey’s the best and there’s plenty to spare –

    And honey for tea is quite lovely to share.’


‘Give us a buzz,’ - yes, she said it again:

‘Our workers are busy in sun, but not rain.

    They work in the summer, but winter?  Oh no,

     For little bees don’t collect pollen in snow.’


‘Give us a buzz,’ – when summer is here –

For with the sun shining my workers appear.

      They’ll work in your garden for many an hour,

       As they flitter and flutter from every sweet flower.’


‘Give us a buzz,’ said the lady Queen Bee –

And enjoy the good honey – a present from me.’

    Goodbye from the Queen and her working bees.

    How strange would be life without insects like these.



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Cream and Royal Give Us a Buzz - Cover

GIVE US A BUZZ - is an 'idiom' meaning:  Phone us.  'Give us a buzz on Tuesday and we can arrange a time.'  We have so many idioms that you wonder when you will ever learn them, but learn them you will, for certain because almost every day you will hear someone use an idiom.  Look them up on Google and you'll see a big list.  Someone said this to me today and I immediately thought you'd like a poem called: 'Give Us a Buzz'  so no sooner did I think this than my fingers started to type one for you.  Josie

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