“Eat up your fruit,” my mother would say.

    “You’ll grow up to be sturdy and well.”

“Eat up your greens and your fruit every day.

    Wish your sweeties a hurried farewell.”


An apple a day keeps the doctor away

   And an orange gives vitamin C.

Carrots are good for your eyes they all say

   And I think you might surely agree.


Your brain will do well if you eat lots of fish

   And don’t fry your foods in a pan.

As for the chips, move them from the dish

   And eat less of the chocolate and jam.


I ate apples, oranges, carrots and peas -

   Was there something I needed instead?

Because I was good and I ate all of these

  My hair’s now gone white on my head.


My teeth, like the stars, come out every night

   And I walk down the street with a stick.

The carrots, I’m sure, haven’t helped with my sight.

   Mum’s advice, I’m afraid, was a trick!


Copyright on all my poems 


Illustrations by Jonathan Evans

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By Josie Whitehead