By Josie Whitehead

Fly and Flea set out to see

    Who could annoy the most.

Fly began his busy day

    On someone’s morning toast.


To tell the truth, the toasted bread

    Was spread with marmalade.

He soon became attached to it -

    A sad tale I’m afraid.


The owner of the toast returned

    But didn’t notice him.

He stuffed the toast into his mouth - - -

    Ooooh! – Now the story’s grim!


The man then quickly grabbed a mug

    And washed down lots of tea.

So fly came to a tragic end –

    Awash in all this sea.


Flea liked cats and spotted one

    Stretched quietly in the sun.

“Aha” thought Flea, “Now here for me

    Is my chance to have fun.”


The owner of the cat arrived

    And quickly spotted Flea.

He grabbed a can containing spray

    As fast as fast could be.


Poor Flea – Well, do you want to hear

    What happened next to him?

Well, he was doused from top to tail,

    And also limb by limb.


He very soon felt rather strange;

    In fact became quite sick.

I’d say for certain, neither friend

     Will play another trick.


Copyright on all my poems

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