A centipede went to a shop

    To buy a set of shoes.

He woke the poor shoe salesman

    From his pleasant, morning snooze.


'Come on and serve me quickly

    For I have no time to waste!'

The poor young man had such a shock

    And dashed around in haste.


'Fifty pairs of shoes you want -

    And all in the same style?'

The centipede sat comfortably

    And watched him with a smile.


'A hundred shoes are what I need –

      Yes, fifty for each side –

And bring a nice selection please,

    To help me to decide.'


The salesman brought the boxes down

    And counted every one.

The centipede just sat and smirked.

    He thought it was such fun.


He’d try them on, but then would say

    'These shoes are a poor fit,'

And: 'Do you have a smaller pair

    For these shoes hurt a bit?'


The salesman thought: 'This is too much,'

    Yet still he tried to please.

The centipede enjoyed his day

    And did his best to tease.


You couldn’t see across the shop

    For boxes piled in heaps,

But then the young man woke at last

    From his most distressing sleep.


He’d had an awful nightmare

    Which had made him want to scream.

How glad he was to realise that

    It only was a dream.


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Fifty Pairs of Shoes - Heading Shoes 1 shoes 2 shoes 3



By Josie Whitehead

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