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Exercising my brain

Exercise is good for you

    In sunshine and in rain.

It helps to oil your rusty joints

    And lubricates the brain.


Exercise is good for you:

    It helps ward off the weight,

So walk or dance, skip or swim –

    You’ll soon start feeling great.


Exercise is good for you:

    It helps protect your heart:

So, on your feet and off we go;

    It’s now we’ll make a start.


Exercise is good for me -

    At my age?  I’m not sure:

I used to dance upon my toes,

    But don’t dance any more.


I used to swim and ride my bike,

    And was always good at games,

But once my hair turned nicely white -

    And this seems such a shame -


It’s then I turned to poetry

    To exercise my brain.

Although searching for a rhyming word

    Can sometimes be a strain!