Croco-Scrumptious - Heading



By Josie Whitehead

Croco-Scrumptious?  What a name!

    It’s strange, you can’t deny!

But a greedy croc?  Oh yes he was,

    Who loved to eat kid-pie!


I don’t mean kids who’re baby goats.

    I mean the ones at school -

And eating children?  Was that fair?

    Well he thought it was 'cool'.


But eating children every day?

    “It’s boring Mum,” he cried.

“I must try something new,” he said.

    “I’m hungry deep inside.”


“I’ll start with something small,” he thought.

      “I’m not a greedy croc.

Perhaps I’ll try delicious fruit -

     Or else a smelly sock.”


Apples, oranges, pears and grapes -

    All gobbled with great haste.

Then pineapples and apricots -

     He’d little time to waste.


He poked his head inside the fridge -

    And quickly looked around.

He scoffed a doughnut, piece of steak -

    And . . . .  What was this he’d found?


"Oooh!  Ice cream, jelly, lollipops" -

     They went down in a jiffy,

But after lots of creamy cakes

     He felt - well - kind of *iffy.


“Mum’s cake-tin!  Yes, that’s the place

     To find a tasty snack!

I’ll eat the cake and also tin

     Before my Mum comes back.”


“I’ll wash it down with orange juice

     And, mixed with Coke, it’s yummy!"

But it didn’t take him long to feel

     A very grumbly tummy.


When Mother Croc came through the door

    She quickly called the vet

Who said: “This is the greediest croc

      That I have ever met.”


“It’s good to try a range of foods,

     But oh, just one by one!

An aching tummy for a croc

     I’d say is not much fun.”


“Now get to bed and sleep it off -

     Tomorrow’s a new day.

Then you think less of what you’ll eat

     And more of games you’ll play.”


* Iffy:  Slang dictionary:  To feel bad, ie not quite right or normal.  


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