By Josie Whitehead

Cricket Choir (The)

When you and I have gone to bed

    And the moon shines up above,

From underground you may well hear

     Some chirpy songs of love.


It’s choir practice at Cricket Hall.

    Oh listen to their songs.

A hundred little cricket boys

    Will sing the whole night long.


They serenade their girlfriends

    And sing their songs of war

But, as they never sleep at night,

    You’ll never hear them snore.


Then when the sun is in the sky,

    They also will not sleep,

For they’ll be playing in the fields.

    On such long legs they leap.


If you could jump as high as they -

    My!  What a big surprise!

You’d jump over your housetop

     And you’d win yourself a prize.


Copyright on all my poems


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