Funny Poems 2 Croco-Scrumptious

Cecilia Ssssnake both slithered and slid

And then under the table she silently hid.

     But the children had chosen her just as a pet:

    'Oh she’s perfectly safe.  There’s no need to fret.'


They gave her some cornflakes.  She seemed to like these.

'She’ll eat anything really,'  - 'Except frozen peas.'

     They put down some toast and that soon disappeared

     But the rest of the story is just as you feared.


Up there on the wall she then spotted a fly:

'I’m not sure if I’ll like it, but I’ll give it a try.'

      A spider looked down from high up on the wall:

      'Well, now I will not get any breakfast at all!'


'You won’t need any breakfast,' said Cecilia Sssnake,

'For spiders taste better than chocolate or cake,'

      And before he could run, the spider she ate

      Without knife, without fork and not even a plate!


She then slid to the kitchen and hissed at the cat

Lying blissfully asleep in the sun on his mat.

    'Yes, I can hiss too,' hissed the cat in alarm.

    'Oh come now dear pussy, I don’t wish you harm.'


But as soon as the cat drifted back to her sleep,

So silently, stealthily Cecilia did creep.

    Before someone said: 'Stop!' the cat was a meal

    And then out in the garden Cecilia did steal.


The children discovered she’d eaten their cat,

And both said together: 'We’ll see about that!'

     I’ll not go into detail but what happened is true

     And that evening the family ate tasty snake stew.


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Easy Peasy



By Josie Whitehead

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