Oh buzzing annoyance that zooms through the house

And who lands on our food just as quiet as a mouse;

    With metallic blue body and long, hairy legs,

    You come seeking a place to deposit your eggs.


You carry upon you the germs which can harm

And your presence gives rise to our human alarm.

    As you land on our food, you deposit your germs

    And with utmost defiance you spurn human terms.


“Bane” is the label we place on your head

And as such we’ll pursue you until you are dead.

    Your pest-like ambition, your unyielding aim

    Is to bring us infection - no sorrow or shame!


With death as your ally, you feed on dead meat

And those decaying bodies to you are quite sweet.

    Be gone from our homes and never return!

    Don’t linger or loiter or a lesson you’ll learn.


Copyright on all my poems


* Bane:  Cause of great annoyance or distress.

   Unyielding aim = never giving up.


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