By Josie Whitehead


The evening sun shone in the sky

     And I thought I’d work outside

But a million nasty eyes watched me

     And what did they decide?


“Oh yummy” cried the gnats at once.

     “Here comes some human flesh.”

And “Oh yummy” they all cried again.

     “And blood that’s really fresh.”


With gardening fork I started work.

     My mood, indeed, was bright.

Out came a weed, the soil was turned,

     And then I felt a bite.


To tell the truth, “nip” was the word,

     For ‘twas nothing more than that,

But the “nipping” soon became a bite

     And I thought: “It’s just a gnat.”


The nipping quickly bothered me:

     It was happening everywhere!

They bit my face, my arms, my neck,

     And started on my hair.


The fork went quickly in the shed.

     I said: “Goodbye you weeds,”

And hurried in through my back door

    For I had more pressing needs.


Off came my clothes, the shower went on;

     I bathed, with love, my bites.

Those weeds can stay and grow in peace

     Outside on summer nights.  


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