tiger mos FINAL

By Josie Whitehead

Fear not the man who bears the sword

    Or he who comes from space,

For the one to fear is watching you

    From her secret hiding place.


This hostile foe awaits her chance.

    She knows your every move.

With cunning stealth, she’ll dive and strike,

    And blood she will remove.


Her tiger stripes mean trouble

    And it’s blood on which she feeds.

It helps produce her eggs you see,

    So she knows what she needs.


She quietly does her wicked deeds

    Whilst you are unaware.

Be always on your guard therefore.

    Protect yourself with care.


Spray repellent on your clothing

    And spray it on your skin.

Don’t leave your water sitting out

    In jugs or bowls or tins.


Please don’t forget your animals.

    Their blood is tasty too.

Mosquitoes - creatures hated most -

    Have got their eyes on YOU.


Copyright on all my poems


Unfortunately they've arrived in the UK now.  See here


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