Are you a master with pasta?

    Do your soufflés keep their good shape?

              Are you getting the hang

              Of a perfect meringue

    And know three different fillings for crepes?


Do you really entice with your rice

      And know Russets from Worcester Permains?

              Does your strawberry surprise

              Win you a first prize?

    And is *Cava the same as Champagne?


Is your mousse designed to seduce?

    Do your sponge cakes struggle to rise?

              Was your undercooked stew

              Just a bit hard to chew

    Whilst your strudel brought tears to the eyes?


But, if your pastry loses its puff

    And your chicken is stringy and tough,

              If you let out a scream

              As you try to whip cream

    Then you can’t be a cookery *buff.


* Cava is Spanish; Champagne is French;

* A buff = enthusiast, expert etc.


Copyright on all my poems

Funny Poems 2


By Josie Whitehead

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* This is one of the 400 poems I now have had published, chosen by teachers and children across my home county of West Yorkshire.

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