Beven Bee v 1

By Josie Whitehead

In a hive called “Honey Heaven”

Lives a bee whose name is Beven.

    Hatched from an egg in honeycomb,

    This special hive is Beven’s home.


Larvae dine on bread and milk

In small cocoons, as soft as silk.

    As pupae, bees gain legs and eyes

    And powerful wings so they can fly.


Lives in cocoons are lives of ease,

For it’s a working life for bees.

    Now Beven’s in an adult team

    Who work all day or so it seems.


She gathers pollen on her comb

And, with sweet nectar, takes it home.

    There, honey’s made for you and me

    So thank bees as you eat your tea.


They pollinate both plants and flowers

And work in both the sun and showers.

    Without the bees we all would die,

    So, listen well - I’ll tell you why.


Bees’ pollination helps plants grow

And to every bee our thanks must go.

    So thank you Beven and other bees

    For flowers, for grain and fruit from trees.


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The Amazing Life of

Beven the Honey Bee

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Illustration by Rachel Eppy



By Josie Whitehead

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