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Two greedy mallard ducks are here.

   They’re knocking on my door.

I’ve fed them once this morning

   But they’ve come again for more.


They live their lives in Ilkley but,

   To be sure that they’re well fed,

They know which home to visit

   To get their crusts of bread.


Perhaps you won't believe me

   But the duck whose name is Co,

Has been returning to our house now

   For twenty years or so.


His partner died two years ago.

   They were such a faithful pair

And it’s sad to see him come alone

   And his Dilly Duck's not there.


Their daughter’s name is Lilly Duck.

   Now the lake's her breeding site.

She has a faithful husband too,

   But her husband, Billy, fights.


He guards his wife and family

   And drives off other males.

He lowers his head aggressively

   And fans his lovely tail.  


Now Lilly's sitting on her nest

    So ducklings will come soon

And they will trot beside their Mum

    Throughout the month of June.


Their wings will grow well by July

    And in August they’ll be strong;

Then, with their parents they will join

   Some others of their throng.


They’ll be gathering at the riverside

    Where the children go to play,

But they'll knock upon our window pane

    For bread on other days.


They always shout their greetings out

    As they fly away and back

For in the sky above us come

   Their cheery loud  'quack quack.'


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